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Lee Charles
Author of 10 Books, including The Truth About Lies

Although the actions and situations of my characters are real, my books are fictional. These books are not written to pass judgment, but rather with the intent, to open up discussions in these areas.

I have chosen to write a series of books on sex, drugs, and manipulation, because this is what is real. This is what I saw and heard, almost on a daily basis, even before working in a position that is highly concerned with crime.

There is an urgent need in every day life, for not only discussion, but also ways to help our young people and their parents, cope with conflicts, that are taking over their lives. It seems that sex and drugs are the biggest issues that have most people afraid and confused.

Everyday, I see people reaching out for help because of their addictions and stresses. They are struggling to raise children in a world that has become more corrupt and violent each day.

Those of you who are spiritual or who read the bible have found that, from the beginning, sex and intoxicators have always been some of the biggest topics ever. They were displayed as the root of most people’s downfall, even entire villages, such as Sodom and Gomorra. Even King David struggled with these aggressors. Today, we seem to cover them up and allow promiscuity and drugs to run wild in our adult lives, our children's lives and throughout our communities. They're being cast off as normal and people feel that they can do little or nothing at all to stop the madness. Some are even too afraid.

There is a strong need for direction amongst our youths and adults. There is a strong need for involvement to dissolve unhealthy situations. It is everyone's responsibility to help maintain a comfortable lifestyle not only for ourselves, but also for our slowly failing communities.

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Books Written by Lee Charles

075969236x.jpg (10308 bytes)The Truth About Lies.  Imagine being tired of leading what you believe is a corrupt lifestyle, which consists of exploiting, sexually abusing, and corrupting others.

You want to make a change to better yourself. You do so by turning to a source that actually helps you to put your life into perspective. The only problem with this, is when you change, others still see you as a beast, a devil, anything but remorseful. Instead of praise, you are confronted with words and actions of anger, judgment, and resentment. You're taken trough various levels of retaliation by those who want to regain honor for the innocence they feel you've stolen. Innocence that no one really forced them to give up. Innocence lost through fear, lust, suggestion, or willful manipulation. You're forced into compromising immoral acts that you once practiced to feed your resenting, manipulative nature. "Acts that are now vile and foul to you."

Do you revert to the old ways or do you recognize this as part of your past coming back to haunt you? A past that you want to give up but hasn't been forgotten by those you've hurt.

0759692408.jpg (10308 bytes)The Truth About Lies II.  Through most of our lives we struggle with right and wrong, good versus evil.

When we are not accepted on our level, most of us might consider a level of change. If we do change, how do we go about it? Do we change what we look like, the way we dress, act, walk, talk, or think, or do we refuse to indulge in a lifestyle that is more acceptable to those we want to please.

As you read this novel, you will learn how far an individual might go to gain notoriety and an identity. A status that seemed to be out of reach at one time, but was craved, until connected with the right crowd or group and given the opportunity, to fulfill a fantasy.

0759692386.jpg (10308 bytes)X5 and Me:  From My Book the Ugly Side of Pleasure. Drugs, gangs, violence, money, sex, incest, death and then, law enforcement.   That's the order of life for many people today, and that's the order of X5 and Me. Its characters feel hopeless. 

But by what some might call unusual circumstances, they are able to rise above what they are told they should be.  They actually end up striving for who and what they really are; intelligent people, who were given gifts and talents that become assets to them with some effort, and a will to excel.


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sister connection Aunt Jenny's Silence The Devil's Horns The Truth About Lies III
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