Exodus From Treachery
(Book 2 in the Genesis series)
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Exodus From Treachery

by Gwen Richardson

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ISBN: 173744965x
Yr Published: October 17, 2023
Publisher: Cushcity Publications
Pages: 290
It has been five years since Lloyd Palmer was promoted to his new position as editor of the Houston Ledger after his disgraced boss, Ed Jackson, was imprisoned for attempted murder. But Lloyd finds that the position is more challenging than he imagined. Most of the decisions he’s forced to make are based on the newspaper’s bottom line rather than on journalistic principles.

Lloyd’s star reporter, Charles Scott, stumbles upon a secret, powerful political organization whose influence is far-reaching. In fact, its tentacles threaten those whom Lloyd holds dear. But finding the identities of the players that are behind the scenes—especially the person in charge—proves difficult and could be fatal. Will Lloyd allow a conflict of interest to keep him from pursuing the megalomaniac at the root of it all?